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Brinkhallin kartano
Brinkhallin kartano
Brinkhallin kartano
Brinkhall, hääkattaus
Hääpari Brinkhallissa
Brinkhallin kartano
Brinkhallin kartano
Brinkhallin kartano
Brinkhall soi
Häät Brinkhallin kartanossa
Brinkhallin kartano
Brinkhallin kartano
Brinkhallin kartano
Brinkhallin kartano
Brinkhall, Mira ja Amanda
Brinkhallin kartano
Brinkhallin kartano
Brinkhallin kartano, sininen huone
Brinkhall vierasvenesatama
Brinkhallin kartano
Brinkhallin metsä
Kavaljeerisiiven sali
Brinkhall, uimahuone


Brinkhall manor on the island of Kakskerta in the Turku archipelago – the largest in the Baltic with tens of thousands of islands and islets – is part of Finland’s cultural history. Today, it is owned by the Finnish Cultural Heritage Foundation, whose ambition it is to preserve the manor as an attractive venue for cultural events of various kinds and to share this historical site to the public. In recent years, Brinkhall has become famous as the location of historical film and TV drama in Finland.

Brinkhall offers chamber and symphonic music events, arts and history, guided tours and promenade theatre on the premises. The manor is an attractive venue for celebrations and private parties. In its romantic setting with parks and outbuildings, a banquet hall and rooms, the manor also boasts accommodation.


Situated on the island of Kakskerta in the archipelago nearest to Turku, Brinkhall is easily accessible by car or local bus transport. Or by boat through the lush inner archipelago – or from the west through the varied and charming Archipelago Sea between Stockholm and Turku. We heartily bid you welcome to experience a true historical manor milieu – maybe for a short stay, maybe to celebrate in the company of good friends – in the banquet hall and rooms of the manor or in some of the historical outbuildings.

Brinkhallin kartano
Brinkhallin kartano
Brinkhall, Pehtoorintupa
Brinkhall, Kahvila Pehtoorintupa
Brinkhall, Kahvila Pehtoorintupa


Kahvila Pehtoorinsiipi, i.e. the Bailiff’s Wing Café, originally served as the home and office of Brinkhall’s steward. In summer 2006, a summer café opened offering fresh home-baked pastries and refreshments, arts and culture and special products named after the estate. The café can be rented for private occasions or, why not, small tea-time planning sessions. A favourite alternative location for artists, the café also hosts minor art exhibitions.

 THE SUMMER CAFÉ’S IS OPEN 4.6.-18.8.2024 

 Tue-Fri at 12.00-17.00

 Mon-Sun at 12.00-16.00

 Guided tours in 

 Tue-Sun: at 13.00 and 15 à 45 min, 9,50 € per person. 

 The doors of the manor are open only during guided tours. 

Guided tours are not made while private occasions are being held.
See exceptional days here.





In summer, Brinkhall manor hosts classical concerts, arts and theatre. The musical climax to the summer season is the Brinkhall Soi – Chamber Music Festival in July. On other dates, the premises of the estate – lawns, gardens and nature trails – are open to the public the whole year round. Private occasions such as weddings, bacalaureat parties, PhD dinners and Christmas parties are a speciality of Brinkhall’s.


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Suomen Kulttuuriperinnön Säätiö ry


Brinkhall Manor

The Finnish Cultural Heritage Foundation

Brinkhallintie 414, Turku FIN-20960

Rental: +358 44 094 0048

Café: +358 44 054 8363

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